Our Favorite Buys and Sells from September (2017)

September for us was mostly about acquiring inventory and selling some of our things we don’t need anymore for “seed capital.” Here are some of the things we bought and sold that we found interesting, cool, or special in some way.

  • iMac – Bought this at a surplus sale for $20. These can be hit or miss if they work or not. Luckily, this one did and I spent another $55 on parts to fix it up.


  • Ski Boots – Found these at a local Goodwill for $8. A little bit of an older style, but obviously haven’t been used much and cleaned up really well. These will probably sell in the next few months with ski season coming up.
  • Essential Oils – These things went absolutely crazy… They were a gift and Susan had an adverse reaction to some of them when we put them in a diffuser. We sold those on Facebook and a garage sale and probably got about $70 for them.
  • Cryptocurrency Miner – A few years ago now I used to mine cryptocurrency (Think of it like decentralized electronic money) and bought a specialized mining mini-computer. I put it away and hadn’t used it in a long time, so figured it was a good candidate to sell. Back then I wouldn’t have gotten very much for it, but I sold it on eBay in September for $96 plus shipping.
  • Dress coat – This was our first sale of something we bought specifically to re-sell. Found it at the Goodwill Outlet bin store, so probably paid between $2 and $2.50 for it. Sold it for $10 on a Facebook group.
  • High-end clothes – We got a variety of items from bands such as LOFT, Limited, and Banana Republic. One of the favorites is a black wool Banana Republic sheath dress and Seven for All Mankind jeans. Most all of these we got for 99 cents on clearance at Salvation Army.


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