Budgeting, Spending Priorities and Little Luxuries

When it comes to being a saver and a spender, I tend to be both. I love to shop, update things and have some convenience in my life. I also want to be sure to save money and not live beyond my means. To keep a good balance, it is all about balance. Here are a few of the areas we choose to spend and save. Continue reading “Budgeting, Spending Priorities and Little Luxuries”

Setting my Personal eBay Listings on “Vacation Mode”

When you’re just starting out selling on eBay it might be unlikely that you’ll generate enough listings to justify forking over the money for an eBay store. One issue, however, is that eBay stores offer something called “Vacation Mode” for when you need to take a few days off. Personal accounts don’t have the same setting, but I figured out a way to mimic the functionality with my personal account. Continue reading “Setting my Personal eBay Listings on “Vacation Mode””

Susan’s Holiday Guide to Savings

Since I love cold weather, holidays and shopping Christmas is a very exciting time for me. But hold up, it can get expensive fast and I also like to save money and be cautious of spending. With Christmas less than three months away, many are starting to think about their holiday budget. Throughout the season I will be offering up some money saving tips and budget-friendly holiday activities. First I wanted to share a short little guide with my favorite ways to stay on a budget for the holidays. These are ideas I have used myself and found successful, enjoy! Continue reading “Susan’s Holiday Guide to Savings”

My first run in with Amazon’s gated categories, aka, the Qixels Conundrum.

I think I might have mentioned that I’ve wanted to get into Amazon FBA. So I was walking through a local Target’s clearance section working on getting started with FBA by doing some retail arbitrage. I found a bunch of Qixels glow-in-the-dark design creator on clearance for about $5 each. I looked up the Amazon listing, and it was a little crazy at the time around $40. I figured even at the regular price of about $15 to $20, I’d get a nice little profit out of them so I bought the 9 units I could find on the clearance shelf. Now, I had just set up my seller account (as an individual account to get started) a few days ago and while I had the Amazon seller app on my phone I didn’t sign into it yet and couldn’t remember my password at the time, and that’s where I made my mistake. Continue reading “My first run in with Amazon’s gated categories, aka, the Qixels Conundrum.”

Buying and Selling Clothes

I’m a bargain shopper at heart and have loved the art of finding a good deal for as long as I can remember. I’ve been Black Friday shopping since way before it was even a thing. I just remember that every “day after Thanksgiving” while my daddy stayed at home and worked on his business float for the Saturday Christmas parade, my mom would take my sisters and me shopping with our aunts and a few cousins. There was no early wake-up call, just a late breakfast followed by a day of shopping fun. Basically, I was born to shop.

When Daniel told me about his idea to buy and sell items, I was most excited about the shopping part. I want everything we purchase to sell, mostly because I love an opportunity to shopping. I was really excited to shop and told Daniel he had given me my dream job of being a buyer for a company. 🙂 Continue reading “Buying and Selling Clothes”