The Start of Something New…

Welcome to the start of The Husstle (it’s misspelled, we know). I’m Daniel, and my wife Susan and I came to realize that we had some goals that we wanted to work towards, but we weren’t going to get close to accomplishing them by just saving what we were putting away from our paychecks. So we started coming up with some ways that we could put away some extra money towards our goals. After we started a couple, I jokingly started calling the little lockbox that we were keeping the extra cash in “the hustle fund.” From there I took the liberty of the stylized spelling (similar to our last name) and all this is starting to go off from that. The plan is to share our experiences from our efforts to put some of our goals closer in reach.

We started off probably like anyone else might. We looked around our house, found a bunch of stuff we didn’t really need and had a garage sale. Problem was, our sale didn’t go so great and we probably only sold about $30 worth of stuff. So we put a bunch of it on Craigslist and eBay to try and get some more sold. Around the same time, I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos and stumbled on Ralli Roots, another husband and wife team that resell garage and thrift store finds on Amazon and eBay. After talking to Susan, we decided this might be fun to try as well and we’ve just been getting started. We actually just recently sold our first thrift store find that we specifically bought to resell. It was a really clean toggle coat originally from Target that we bought at Goodwill outlet for probably $2.50, we re-sold it on a Facebook yard sale page to a lady who was recently hired in a new job and needed a nice coat for the winter that she could wear to work. She paid us $10 so we made about $7.50 from our first sale. We have two more sales lined up from a Craigslist ad and on an eBay best offer, as well as some plans for a few other items we’ve already bought to sell to some other buyers. But I’ll go into some more details in another post.


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