Our Buys and Sells From Late October (2017)

The last half of October was really busy for us and included a vacation to California. So the time we needed to spend between getting ready for that and “recovering” after we got back, we made the decision not to purchase much inventory before then and haven’t had much time afterward to pick up much either. There’s still some stuff that sold that I want to talk about in this post.

  • On Facebook, we sold a number of small items that all had lines for them. A salt lamp, some toddler ugg boots, and an oil diffuser. Facebook groups have been doing really well for us for the most part. All three of these items had a line of buyers, they were probably a little underpriced, but that’s a good problem to have.
  • On eBay, we sold some Talbots pants while we were on vacation. I talked about how I went about setting this up in a previous post. The buyer sent an offer for $10. To make sure they were aware of the extended handling time due to my vacation, I sent them a counter-offer for the same amount ($10) with the message that I wouldn’t be able to ship them until the following week. This lets them reject the counter offer if they didn’t want to wait or accept it if they were fine with the extended handling¬†time.
  • The iMac that I mentioned in the buy/sell post from September sold for $350 on Craigslist. I spent $73 total for parts to fix it and a few hours getting them installed and setup.

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