Our Favorite Buys and Sells from Early October (2017)

Early October mostly seemed a bit like “cruise control” for The Husstle. We had some life stuff that we had to do and wanted to limit any buying that we did. So it came down to mostly selling with just a few pickups. Here’s some noteworthy stuff from the first part of October.

  • JoS. A. Bank Suit: Bought $6

    We bought a JoS. A. Bank suit at Salvation Army for $6. Looked to be a much more modern style than a lot of the suits you tend to find at thrift stores.

  • We took a best offer on a black Banana Republic sheath dress for $22 +shipping on eBay.
  • A local university has a surplus sale and I usually try to make it out there. This last time I tried a bit harder than I do normally and got an Ok haul this time. Two things that are worth mentioning for now are quite a few network racks that can be used to mount servers or network equipment onto them. Many people will also use them for higher-end A/V gear. I bought 3 of them this time and one at a previous sale, I easily sold
    3 Network Racks: Bought $1, Sold $20 each

    3 of the 4 for $20 each (which is a great price) on Facebook and Craigslist for local pickups. The other item from the surplus sale was a 60-inch Vizio TV, Model E60-C3. I know it was probably too much to think it might have been working but it was worth a gamble for $10. Alas, about 90% of the backlight wasn’t working and it might have had some issues with the LCDs (hard to tell without backlights). After looking up a repair video on Youtube, I decided I didn’t have the time, patience, or space to try and repair a 60 inch TV. So Susan put it up on Facebook and another local IT guy snapped it up for $40 the very next day.

  • The last Item for this post is a group of 4, 35mm film SLR cameras. I bought them off a guy on Craigslist for $75. He told me that he got them from a guy he bought some tools from that just threw them together with the tools. I took them to a local camera shop to get them checked out and see what they thought about them. The employee I talked to said they might be interested in a couple of them but he couldn’t make the call at what price to buy them for. I brought them back a little while later when his boss was there and he ended up buying 3 of the 4 cameras for $90 and I plan on putting the 4th one up on eBay “as-is” for parts.

I think one thing I took away from these is to be sure to look outside your comfort zone from time to time. I’ll do a separateĀ longer post about that though.


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