Our Top 5 Hustle Methods That are Working for Us.

One of the things that can trip up some people from starting a side income stream is deciding what to do. Because we’re all different, some people might like or dislike some things better than others. One thing that I’d recommend is trying different things and see what you like best. Here are a few (specifically 6) of the side income methods that we have actually done and a how they worked for us.

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Budgeting, Spending Priorities and Little Luxuries

When it comes to being a saver and a spender, I tend to be both. I love to shop, update things and have some convenience in my life. I also want to be sure to save money and not live beyond my means. To keep a good balance, it is all about balance. Here are a few of the areas we choose to spend and save. Continue reading “Budgeting, Spending Priorities and Little Luxuries”

Susan’s Holiday Guide to Savings

Since I love cold weather, holidays and shopping Christmas is a very exciting time for me. But hold up, it can get expensive fast and I also like to save money and be cautious of spending. With Christmas less than three months away, many are starting to think about their holiday budget. Throughout the season I will be offering up some money saving tips and budget-friendly holiday activities. First I wanted to share a short little guide with my favorite ways to stay on a budget for the holidays. These are ideas I have used myself and found successful, enjoy! Continue reading “Susan’s Holiday Guide to Savings”