Ready, Set, Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up soon and I have been shopping this day since before it had a name. So where am I going to find some deals this year?


Also, Coffee
Don’t forget the coffee…

Target of course! This is my favorite store and always my first stop, head over to their website and check out the Black Friday preview ad to see why. I am specifically looking for the Buy 1 Get 1 50% Shopkins, 50% off photo frames and $10 off a Little Woodzeez house. There is a huge variety of Christmas gifts you can find at Target and many will be on sale this day. There is too much to list on here and you all have different needs, so go check out the ad. Pro tip, I hit up Target at about 3:00 am. The rush crowd is gone and the employees have begun restocking sale items.


I’m an NC girl and Belk has my department store loyalty. The highlights in Belk for many people on Black Friday are the shoes but for me, it is the Christmas items. They are usually 60% off and they have such beautiful ornaments that make great gifts. You can get a great deal on shoes here but be prepared because that is probably the most crowded section of the store. You will find great deals on housewares, clothing, and purses. Belk has a ton of clothing to choose from, so unless you want to be in there all day, decide what you are looking for ahead of time. There will also be some major sales on fine jewelry so I recommend checking them out if you are buying some bling this season. My best Belk deals in the past have been silver jewelry, clothes, and purses. Head over to their website today to check out their huge Black Friday ad. Pro tip, if you want to buy clothes for yourself, this is actually a good time. I have found Belk dressing rooms are not too busy at this time.

It’s not known for low prices and their Black Friday deals are still a mystery but I will be heading to American Girl. I have a little girl with half her Christmas wish list from this store so I am buying items in person because I will be near a store and will not have to get the items shipped later. I am really hoping for a good sale at this one and so are a lot of other mamas. I will keep you all updated on this store. If you will need items shipped, they are currently offering free shipping on items over $100. Watch their Facebook page and website closely during the holiday season for updates and sale announcements.

The Disney store is another favorite of mine. They have adorable ornaments and now that Disney has acquired Star Wars, I can even find my hubby something. I have not seen their ad yet for this year, but in the past years, they generally have a storewide sale that lasts until about mid-day. If you have a Disney credit card, you will receive an additional discount. My favorite Disney store purchase was a voice control BB8.

So as of now, these are my highlight stores but there are many others I plan to pop into like Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Gap, and Michael’s. These all have a pretty good history of good sales.

My best advice for Black Friday is to plan ahead. Make a list of who you need to buy for and what you want to spend, especially if you are shopping in the wee morning hours. You’re going to be tired and at noon while looking at a cardigan on sale, you will forget that you already purchased your mom a gift a 4 am and still have nothing for your brother-in-law… speaking from experience here. Do yourself a favor and make a list to check off.

Don’t buy everything on this day unless it really is the only chance you will have to shop. Some items will have better deals so do a little research beforehand on the type of items you are purchasing to help make decisions.

With all the stores open, you will never hit every single sale and certainly not every single doorbuster. Check out the ads before and pick one to start at. Every year I start with Target, then Belk, then the rest of the mall and it has been working well for the past 10 or so years.

Don’t be a moron, be smart. Lock your car, keep your purse close and don’t carry too much cash. And please use your manners and don’t act like a fool. No yelling, hitting, pushing and OMG do not trample people. Black Friday is exciting with all the sales but please remember it is just stuff. I have luckily never seen any bad behavior but sadly there are always some examples on the news when I get home. Don’t be stupid.

Finally, have fun! This is the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Grab a friend, stop for some Starbucks (it might be B1G1) and have a great time.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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